I'm a content strategist and copywriter living and working in the Bay Area. I started my career eight years ago as a receptionist at one of the biggest publishing houses in New York City—and soon began writing book jacket copy for paperback westerns and steamy romance. I feigned brave, left my 9-5, and started my own boutique copywriting agency out of our one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment. 

I work with companies — from the smallest start-ups to the most complex corporations — that need product copy, brand and brand voice development, naming, and content strategy. I've worked with hundreds of designers and love collaborating in product development. I have a soft spot for work involving beauty, design, tech, and the outdoors.

I surround myself with awesome people. If your company is interested in a content strategy team, copywriter and designer duo, or a writer and illustrator pair, I can make that happen.

I'd love to hear from you. Email me directly at workwith@koseli.co. 

Follow me on Twitter @KoseliAndCo and on Instagram, or keep up with some personal writing at blog.koseli.co.

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I host a podcast, too! I talk about creativity, tech, motherhood, and how they fit together. I like to call it a podcast for women who never want to stop learning, and I've been told it feels like girlfriends hanging out.

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Keenan, Design and Brand Strategy


Want to collaborate? Are you a writer, designer, illustrator, developer, or small business owner? I love working with awesome people. Get in touch!